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Unknown American manufacturer (131 records)

Composition doll, woman, black braids, Mexican costume, red skirt, beads, USA, 1930-1935
Composition doll, man, Mexican costume, striped waist belt, straw sombrero, USA, 1930-1935
Novelty souvenir doll, redwood bark, girl, woven redwood outfit, USA, patented 1938
Novelty cornhusk doll, woman, cornhusk clothing, USA, 1930-1942
Walnut head doll, African American man, navy pants, blue jacket and brown vest, USA, 1920-1930
Composition doll, girl, blue and white dress and hat, USA, 1915-1935
Wooden doll, girl, aqua green dress, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, woman, rose dress, USA, 1930-1940
Composition doll, girl, character, "Betty Boop," blue and white dress, USA, 1938-1940
Cornhusk doll, woman, Native American, tan dress, USA, 1930-1940
Wooden doll, woman, Piute Native American Indian, red blanket, USA, 1913-1920
Novelty doll, composition, witch, orange, white and black costume, USA, 1920-1925
Cloth doll, girl, white print dress with red flowers, hand-made, USA, 1915
Hickory nut head doll, man, dressed as farmer, brown suit, USA, 1920-1930
Walnut doll, woman, African American, dressed as vegetable seller, brown dress, plaid shawl, USA, 1920-1930
Composition doll, girl, dark blue bonnet, USA, 1925-1930
Doll, walnut head, Native American woman, red scarf, beaded deerskin coat, Delaware, 1939
Novelty corncob doll, woman, yellow dress, USA, 1880-1920
Wooden doll, woman, mannequin, 1937 ecru crepe evening dress, USA, 1937
Novelty doll, walnut head, woman, black sunbonnet and apron, print clothing, USA, 1939
Wooden clothespin doll, woman, long white skirt, white cape, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, woman, blue dress, Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, USA, 1920-1925
Cloth doll, woman, red striped dress, USA, 1893-1910
Cloth doll, woman, blue felt halter top, red string Hawaiian skirt, USA, 1941-1949
Doll, wool yarn, handmade, African American boy, blue and white knit outfit, USA, 1920-1940
Cloth doll, Native American Indian woman, deerskin garment, USA,1900-1925
Leather doll, man, Native American, suede leather garment with war bonnet, USA, 1940-1945
Cloth doll, black fabric, African American, mammy-style, white apron, red turban, red print dress, USA, 1950
Cloth doll, girl, green Irish costume, USA, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, boy, represents "Jack," blue outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, girl, represents "Jill," blue and white outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Rubber doll, woman, black, African American, mammy-style, red print dress, white apron, USA, 1918-1925
Composition doll, girl, faded blue print dress with white pinafore, USA, 1940-1950
Composition doll, young woman, long pink dress, USA, 1937-1945
Composition doll, woman, nun, black and white garment of the Order of the Sacred Heart, USA, 1935-1945
Composition doll, toddler girl, blue dotted swiss dress, USA, 1935-1940
Composition doll, woman, nurse's uniform, USA, 1939-1946
Composition doll, woman, bride, wedding dress, USA, 1936-1946
Composition doll, girl, African American, blue print dress, USA, 1930-1939
Composition doll, woman, pink and white garment, "Boudoir Doll," USA, 1930-1940
Composition doll, girl, dark blue dress, artist Muriel Bruyere, USA, 1941
Wooden folk doll, black, jigging woman, blue dress, USA, 1890-1910
Nut doll, woman, hickory nut head, white bonnet, black, white and purple garments, USA, 1860-1880
Composition/chestnut doll, woman, black gown, white bonnet, USA, 1890
Composition doll, man, black velvet suit, USA, 1890
Cloth doll, woman, primitive, brown dress, USA, 1870-1880
Composition doll, girl, pink print skirt, white blouse, Germany, USA, Century Doll, 1921-1926
Composition doll, girl, brown shamrock print dress, USA, 1920-1930
Novelty molded soap doll, baby, unclothed, in box, made for McKinley campaign, USA, 1896
Composition and wishbone doll, black African American "Mammy", purple skirt, yellow shawl, USA, 1900-1930
Composition puppet doll, man, blue Admiral's uniform, USA, 1905-1920
Composition hand puppet, man, dark blue soldier uniform, USA, 1900-1920
Composition puppet doll, woman, green dress, checked apron, print jacket, USA, 1900-1920
Deerskin doll, woman, American Indian, painted design and features, Yellowstone Lake, USA, 1930
Rubber doll, woman, dressed as African American "mammy," USA, 1900-1930
Papier-mâché doll, man, "President D. 'Ike' Eisenhower," black tuxedo, USA, Wisconsin, 1954
Papier-mâché doll, woman, "Mamie Eisenhower," pale lavender gown, USA, Wisconsin, 1954
Applehead doll, woman, black houndstooth checked skirt, print blouse, USA, 1950
Applehead doll, man, brown pants, tan sweater, USA, 1950
Plastic doll, girl, Slovenian costume, purple skirt, black apron, fancy headdress, USA, 1956
Hickory nut doll, woman, red print dress, USA, 1930-1940
Composition doll, baby, long white dress, light blue jacket and hat, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, baby, pink and white srtiped gown, Missionary Baby, Beecher, USA, 1893-1910
Cloth doll, baby, pink dress, USA, 1920-1940
Cloth doll, girl, faded blue and pink dress and bonnet, USA, 1950-1960
Nut doll, boy, green overalls, striped shirt, USA, 1930-1945
Wooden doll, woman, flowered handkerchief garment, USA, 1925-1950
Cloth dolls, girls, topsy-turvy style, black face in red hood reverses to white face in blue jacket, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, woman, Navajo, plaid skirt and red blouse, USA, 1940-1949
Cloth doll, boy, cowboy outfit, USA, 1940-1955
Composition doll, baby, white eyelet dress and bonnet, USA, 1940-1945
Plastic doll, woman, peach formal gown, USA, 1953-1954
Composition doll, girl, brown print dress, green coat, with wardrobe, USA, 1928-1932
Composition doll, woman, mannequin, Formfit brassiere and girdle, handmade wardrobe, USA, 1930-1945
All-bisque doll, girl, red dress with apron, Nancy Ann Storybook, USA, 1942-1946
Composition doll, baby, blue and white print apron, USA, 1930-1938
Composition doll, toddler girl, pink print romper, USA, 1934-1940
Composition doll, baby, undressed, USA,1930-1940
Plastic doll, baby, cloth body, undressed, USA, 1960-1969
Plastic doll, black African American, drink and wet baby, blue and white print sunsuit, USA, 1965-1970
All-composition doll, child, undressed, USA, 1930-1942
Composition doll, child, Kewpie-style, no clothes, USA, 1937-1947
Cloth doll, girl, orange plaid outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Plastic doll, baby, girl, blue play outfit, USA, 1960-1970
Composition doll, girl, undressed, USA, 1934-1942
Composition doll, baby, undressed, Joseph L. Kallus, USA, 1920-1932
Composition doll, girl, undressed, USA, 1928-1938
Composition doll, girl, brown wig, no clothes, USA, 1928-1938
Composition doll, baby, no clothing, USA, 1927-1937
Composition doll, girl, toddler, undressed, USA, 1937-1947
Composition doll, girl, undressed, USA, 1937-1947
Composition doll, baby, white diaper, USA, 1935-1945
Composition doll, girl, dark wig, Mama doll, undressed, USA, 1928-1938
Cloth doll, boy, "Raggedy Andy," green suit, USA, 1940-1950
Composition doll, girl, no clothing, USA, 1935-1945
Composition doll, girl, cloth body, undressed, USA, 1926-1938
Composition doll, woman, white rayon underpants, USA, 1940-1950
Composition doll, boy, walker, undressed, USA, 1920-1930
Composition half doll, woman, "Margarethe Schurz," yellow dress with black lace trim, Wisconsin, USA, 1970-1979
Composition half doll, woman, "Mrs. Mary D. Bradford," purple dress, Wisconsin, USA, 1970-1979
Composition half doll, woman, "Carrie E. Morgan," blue velvet dress, Wisconsin, USA, 1970-1979
Composition half doll, woman, "Mrs. Nellie Jones," blue velvet dress, Wisconsin, USA, 1970-1979
Plastic doll, pink floral gown, 1945-1955 (white mold)
Composition doll, girl, blue print dress, USA, 1946-1956
Cloth doll, girl, Brownie Scout outfit, USA, 1935-1948
Cloth doll, girl, Girl Scout, USA, 1980-1982
Cloth doll, girl, Brownie Scout, USA, 1980-1982
Cloth doll, girl, Girl Scout uniform, USA, 1980-1982
Plastic doll, woman, Quaker style costume, peach taffeta gown and bonnet, USA, 1978-1980
Plastic doll, girl, plaid skirt, black bodice, USA, 1949-1959
Plastic doll, girl, white leather Native American Indian costume, USA, 1949-1959
Plastic doll, girl, white leather, Native American costume, USA, 1949-1959
Plastic doll, girl, "Norway," ethnic costume, original box, Princess Anna Doll, USA, 1949-1959
Plastic doll, girl, walker, Ginny type, print dress, USA, 1950-1960
Cloth doll, printed, male advertising figure, "Jolly Green Giant," USA, 1960-1970
Cloth doll, baby, made from white handkerchief, USA, 1980
Cloth doll, boy, WPA, "Peter," twin, red outfit, Milwaukee Handicraft Project, Wisconsin, 1939-1943
Cloth doll, girl, white and blue dress, "Nancy Hanks," Wisconsin, USA, 1987
Cloth doll, girl, "Nancy Hanks," pink dress with white pinafore, Wisconsin, USA, 1987
Composition doll, baby, girl, "Mama Doll," ivory coat and bonnet, USA, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, baby, blue plaid outfit, USA, 1930-1939
Plastic doll, man, dollhouse doll, tan jacket, brown pants, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, woman, dollhouse, pink skirt, white blouse, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, woman, dollhouse, black and white maid uniform, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, girl, dollhouse, lavender skirt, white bodice, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, boy, dollhouse doll, gold shorts, white shirt, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, baby girl, dollhouse, white diaper, USA, 1950-1960
Plastic doll, baby boy, dollhouse, white diaper, USA, 1950-1960
String doll, female, embroidered face, 1877-1880
Plastic doll, girl, white dress, United States, 1958-1960
Novelty doll, cloth, man, handmade doll, "Brownie," brown coat, tweed pants and hat, USA, 1937
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