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Amalia Baird collection (88 records)

Cloth doll, woman, blue felt halter top, red string Hawaiian skirt, USA, 1941-1949
Doll, wool yarn, handmade, African American boy, blue and white knit outfit, USA, 1920-1940
Cloth doll, man, black striped pants, white shirt, sombrero, Mexico, 1920
Cloth doll, woman, tan striped skirt and shawl, Mexico, 1920-1930
Cloth doll, Native American Indian woman, deerskin garment, USA,1900-1925
Leather doll, man, Native American, suede leather garment with war bonnet, USA, 1940-1945
Composition doll, boy, Skookum, Native American Indian, blanket garment, Tammen Co., USA, 1925-1940
Cloth doll, man, gray suit, USA, 1925-1945
Cloth doll, black fabric, African American, mammy-style, white apron, red turban, red print dress, USA, 1950
Cloth doll, woman, yellow garment with embellished red apron, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, old woman, striped apron, ruffled bonnet, Ravca, France, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, yarn, woman, black skirt, red and white bodice, 1920-1935
Cloth doll, boy, Dutch costume, blue trousers, red jacket, blue hat, Georgene Averill, USA, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, girl, green Irish costume, USA, 1930-1939
Cloth doll, boy, represents "Jack," blue outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Cloth doll, girl, represents "Jill," blue and white outfit, USA, 1930-1940
Rubber doll, woman, black, African American, mammy-style, red print dress, white apron, USA, 1918-1925
Celluloid doll, boy, black suit, 1920-1930
Cloth doll, boy, Chinese costume, yellow garments, tiger hat, China, 1920-1940
Wooden doll, woman with baby, Chinese costume, Door of Hope, China, 1915-1917
Composition doll, girl, faded blue print dress with white pinafore, USA, 1940-1950
Composition doll, baby, white and pink baby outfit, "Sugar Baby," USA, Effanbee, 1938-1945
Composition doll, young woman, long pink dress, USA, 1937-1945
Compostion doll, woman, nurse's uniform, USA, Effanbee, 1938-1948
Composition doll, girl, brown uniform, WAC-ETTE, USA, Vogue Doll Co., 1942-1944
Composition doll, girl, blue uniform, WAVE-ETTE, USA, Vogue Doll Co., 1942-1944
Composition doll, Chinese woman on stand, green and orange garment, China, 1920-1939
Papier-mâché doll, woman, rust and white plaid dress, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Composition doll, boy, "Pinocchio," red and yellow outfit, USA, Ideal, 1940-1942
Composition doll, woman, Scottish costume, red plaid skirt, black jacket, Germany, 1925-1940
Composition doll, man, Scottish costume, red plaid skirt, white velvet jacket, Germany, 1925-1940
Composition doll, woman, nun, black and white garment of the Order of the Sacred Heart, USA, 1935-1945
Composition doll, girl, "Flora McFlimsey," blue checked dress, organdy pinafore, USA, Alexander Doll Co.,1938-1945
Composition doll, baby, blue organdy dress, USA, Horsman, 1940-1949
Composition doll, girl, dark blue old fashioned bathing suit, USA, Horsman, 1920-1930
Composition doll, woman, nurse's uniform, USA, 1939-1946
Composition doll, woman, brown dress and hat, USA, Effanbee, 1939-1946
Papier-mâché doll, man, "Abraham Lincoln," black suit, USA, Saroff Studios, 1950
Composition doll, woman, nun, white cap, long black dress, USA, Effanbee, 1938-1939
Composition doll, woman, bride, wedding dress, USA, 1936-1946
Composition doll, girl, African American, blue print dress, USA, 1930-1939
Composition doll, man, Russian costume, red jacket, black pants, Germany, 1920-1935
Composition doll, man, "Norwegian hunter," orange suit, Germany, 1920-1935
Celluloid doll, girl, Norwegian costume, black skirt, white apron and red vest, Germany, 1920-1935
Hard plastic doll, woman, Norwegian costume, black skirt, red vest, 1950
Composition doll, child, white surgeon's outfit, with hat, Toy Products Mfg. Co., USA, 1925-1935
Metal doll, woman, ivory garments, Germany, 1895-1910
Composition doll, woman, pink and white garment, "Boudoir Doll," USA, 1930-1940
Composition doll, girl, rose colored gown, "Princess Elizabeth," USA, Alexander Doll Co., 1937-1942
Bisque doll, woman, ruby velvet coat, Germany, 1880-1895
Bisque doll, baby, two-faced, long white dress, Germany, 1881-1900
Bisque doll, girl, white dress, Germany, Steiner, 1890-1916
Bisque doll, girl, pink cotton dress, Floradora, Armand Marseille, Germany, 1901-1920
Bisque doll, woman, white undergarments, Germany, 1880-1890
Bisque doll, child, no clothing, Germany, Gebruder Krauss, 1880-1895
All-bisque doll, baby, blue coat, white dress, Germany, 1895-1920
Bisque doll, boy, tan and black suit, S.F.B.J., France, 1899-1930
Bisque doll, girl, red skirt, white blouse with black vest, Germany, 1890-1910
Bisque doll, girl, red dress, Germany, 1885-1895
All-bisque doll, girl, pink dress, Germany, 1890-1910
Bisque doll, woman, dark blue lace-trimmed dress, Germany, 1880-1905
Bisque doll, girl, ecru lace dress, Floradora, Germany, Armand Marseille, 1901-1915
Bisque doll, woman, pink dress, Germany, Kestner, 1898-1915
Bisque doll, girl, peach dress, Germany, Kestner, 1880-1899
Bisque doll, girl, white dress, Germany, Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, 1880-1895
Bisque doll, baby, white dress with fur stole, Germany, Armand Marseille, 1905-1915
Bisque doll, woman, bronze and peach dress, USA, Emma Clear, 1945
Bisque doll, baby, blue dress, 1920-1935
Bisque doll, girl, pink and white dress, Japan, 1925-1935
Bisque doll, girl, lavender dress, Germany, 1875-1890
Bisque doll, girl, molded bonnet, pink and white dress, Germany, 1895-1915
China doll, woman, rose dress, Germany, 1860-1865
China doll, woman, blue dress, checked apron, Germany, 1900-1920
China doll, woman, striped plaid dress, Germany, 1890-1910
China doll, woman, rust colored dress, Germany, 1910-1930
China doll, woman, brown and white print dress, Germany, 1855-1860
China doll, woman, flowered cotton dress, Germany, 1890-1930
Composition doll, girl, dark blue dress, artist Muriel Bruyere, USA, 1941
Wooden doll, boy, "Pinocchio," red coat, red pointed hat, 1929-1939
Novelty souvenir seashell doll, woman, shell gown and bonnet, 1920-1935
Bisque doll, girl, pink and white dress, Germany, Konig and Wernicke, 1912-1927
Bisque doll, painted, boy, brown shorts, white shirt, Germany, 1920-1935
Bisque doll, painted, boy, white pants, red vest, Germany, 1920-1935
Bisque doll, painted, girl, red plaid skirt, red vest, Germany, 1920-1935
Bisque dolls, girls, two-headed Topsy-Turvy-type, red and paisley print reversible garment, Germany, 1880-1905
China doll, woman, black skirt, white blouse, Germany, 1880-1900
China doll, girl, flowered redingote and red checked dress, Germany, 1890-1920
Composition doll, toddler girl, blue dotted swiss dress, USA, 1935-1940
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