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1870-1879 (93 records)

All-china doll, frozen charlotte, no clothes, Germany, 1870-1890
Papier-mâché doll, woman, brown serge suit, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Composition doll, woman, red dress, blue jacket and apron, France, 1870-1884
China doll, woman, molded head with molded ruffle and snood, red and white striped dress, Germany, 1860-1870
Wax doll, baby, cream outfit, 1870-1885
Bisque doll, girl, Swiss costume, red and brown, Germany, 1862-1880
Composition doll, baby, long white christening dress, Germany, 1875-1890
Bisque doll, woman, nun costume, white robes, black head cape, Germany, 1870-1900
Wax doll, woman, red dress, white apron, Germany, 1860-1870
Papier-mâché doll doll, woman, brown and tan suit, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
China doll, woman, rust colored suit, Germany, 1860-1870
China doll, girl, long white dress, Germany, 1860-1875
Bisque bonnet head doll, woman, white dress, Germany, 1870-1890
China doll, woman, pink print dress, Germany, 1855-1875
China doll, woman, pink dress, Germany, 1870-1889
Bisque doll, boy, military uniform, Germany, 1860-1870
Wax doll, woman, wedding dress, Germany, 1870-1880
Composition and wax doll, woman, painted black, orange dress, white apron, 1865-1875
Wax doll, girl, brown silk twill suit, 1870-1885
Bisque doll, woman, blue and white French nun costume, Germany, 1870-1890
Bisque doll, woman with baby, brown skirt, tan jacket, Germany, 1865-1875
Bisque doll, woman, multi-colored Boulogne Fisherwoman costume, France, 1878-1898
China doll, woman, Germany, c. 1870
Bisque doll, woman, maroon dress, Germany, 1870-1890
Bisque doll, girl, brown and orange striped dress, Germany, 1860-1880
Composition doll, woman, dark blue suit, Germany, Superior, 1870-1885
Bisque molded head doll, woman, faded blue suit, Germany, 1870-1879
Wax doll, woman, brown and red print dress, Germany, 1860-1885
All-bisque doll, man, jester clown, Germany, 1875-1900
Rubber doll, girl, molded clothing, USA,1870
All-china doll, girl, frozen charlotte, blue-purple dress and shawl, Germany, 1855-1900
Bisque doll, girl, blue dress, coat and hat, Germany, 1865-1885
Bisque doll, woman, blue and white striped walking suit, Germany, 1875-1885
Bisque doll, baby, floral printed white dress, Germany, 1870-1895
Papier-mâché doll, woman, floral print dress, Germany, 1876-1890
Wax doll, girl, white gown, England, 1835-1875
Composition doll, girl, worn undergarments, England, 1830-1880
Papier-mâché doll, woman, rust and white plaid dress, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Bisque doll, girl, lavender dress, Germany, 1875-1890
Papier-mâché doll, woman, gold and rust silk dress, straw bonnet, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Composition doll, woman, tan suit with blue trim, 1875-1885
Papier-mâché doll, woman, tan and blue suit, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Papier-mâché doll, woman, ecru print dress, USA, Greiner, 1858-1872
Composition doll, woman, green plaid dress, Germany, 1855-1870
Composition doll, woman, green dress, bonnet, 1860-1870
Composition doll, woman, blue and green print dress, 1858-1875
Composition doll, woman, white cotton chemise, Germany, 1875-1885
Wax doll, woman, blonde molded hair, blue plaid silk dress, Germany, 1870-1890
Wax doll, blonde woman, black plaid blouse, black skirt, 1860-1880
Papier-mâché doll, woman, molded hat, green suit, 1858-1870
Wax doll, woman, blue wool suit, 1870-1885
Wax doll, man, black uniform, "Major du Pont," England, Montanari, 1851-1881
Wax doll, woman, purple flowered dress, England, 1850-1870
Wax doll, girl, purple skirt, England, 1855-1880
All-china doll, frozen charlotte, ecru cotton dress, Germany, 1860-1870
China doll, woman, green dress, Germany, 1860-1880
China doll, woman, purple and black plaid dress, Germany, 1850-1875
China doll, woman, white undergarments, Germany, 1860-1875
Bisque doll, woman, lavender silk dress, Germany, 1875-1885
Bisque doll, woman, blue plaid dress, Germany, 1870-1880
Bisque doll, man, painted black, olive green velveteen suit, Germany, 1865-1885
Nut doll, woman, hickory nut head, white bonnet, black, white and purple garments, USA, 1860-1880
Cloth doll, woman, primitive, brown dress, USA, 1870-1880
Composition doll, black girl, red paisley print dress, 1865-1880
China doll head, woman, Germany, 1855-1875
Wooden doll, woman, brown dress, USA, Vermont Novelty Works, 1872-1874
China doll, woman, white nightgown, Germany, 1855-1870
Peg wooden doll, woman, green and black dress, 1850-1900
Peg wooden doll, woman, pink satin dress, 1850-1900
Bisque doll, woman, green dress, Germany, 1865-1875
China doll, woman, white undergarments, Germany, 1860-1875
China doll, woman, white batiste undergarments, Germany, 1865-1885
All-bisque doll, girl, frozen charlotte, white dress, Germany, 1865-1880
China doll, girl, white dress, Rohmer, Paris, France, 1858-1880
Wax doll, woman, aqua silk dress, 1875-1880
Wax doll, baby, long white gown, England, 1875-1900
Wooden doll, woman, unclothed, Vermont Novelty Works, USA, 1873-1874
China doll head, woman, Germany, 1860-1870
Peg wooden doll, child, undressed, 1860-1880
Peg wooden doll, child, undressed, 1870-1900
Cloth doll, man, black coat, plaid pants, USA, 1871
Bisque doll, girl, white dress, France, 1860-1870
Bisque doll, woman, "Nellie Vilas," bronze and gold 3-pc outfit, France, Jumeau, 1865-1885
China doll, woman, maroon dress, Germany, 1860-1875
Wooden doll, man, black suit, green cap, 1860-1870
China doll, girl, pink dress, Germany, 1870-1885
Papier-mâché doll, woman, brown and green print dress, Greiner, USA, 1858-1874
Bisque doll, woman, white cotton shift, Germany, 1870-1895
Composition doll, girl, no clothes, Germany, 1880-1890
China doll, woman, cloth body, Germany, 1850-1870
China doll, girl, white dress, Germany, 1865-1885
Bisque doll, girl, no wig, unclothed, Jumeau, France, 1877-1880
String doll, female, embroidered face, 1877-1880
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