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Frances Fairchild collection (24 records)

Wax doll, baby, cream outfit, 1870-1885
Cloth doll, woman, Cuban, white lace mantilla, red and gold dress, 1910-1925
Novelty doll, composition, witch, orange, white and black costume, USA, 1920-1925
All-bisque doll, boy, Swiss costume, black and white, Germany, 1910-1925
All-bisque doll, girl, Swiss costume, red, white and black, Germany, 1910-1925
Bisque doll, girl, Italian costume, brown skirt, white blouse, Germany, 1912-1925
Bisque doll, boy, dollhouse, Italian costume, Germany, 1912-1925
Bisque doll, girl, Swiss costume, red and brown, Germany, 1862-1880
Bisque doll, woman, Dutch peasant costume, Germany, 1885-1915
Bisque doll, woman, nun costume, white robes, black head cape, Germany, 1870-1900
Bisque doll, "Beefeater", black and gold costume, Germany, 1885-1895
Wax doll, woman, red dress, white apron, Germany, 1860-1870
Bisque doll, woman, black dress with checked apron and plaid shawl, Germany, 1890-1910
Bisque doll, woman, black jumper, pink apron, black head shawl, Germany, 1890-1900
Composition doll, man, green and fuchsia costume, "Pierrot," 1880-1900
Composition doll, man, Asian, white print kimono, 1890
Wax doll, woman, wedding dress, Germany, 1870-1880
Composition and wax doll, woman, painted black, orange dress, white apron, 1865-1875
Bisque doll, man, dollhouse, German officer, red jacket, Germany, 1900-1918
Bisque doll, man, dollhouse, German officer, navy blue uniform, Germany, 1900-1918
Bisque doll, man, fisherman, yellow rainwear, fish net, France, 1920-1925
Bisque doll, woman, blue and white French nun costume, Germany, 1870-1890
Bisque doll, woman with baby, brown skirt, tan jacket, Germany, 1865-1875
Bisque doll, woman, multi-colored Boulogne Fisherwoman costume, France, 1878-1898
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