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All children's clothing of the 1950s (141 records)

Jacket, boy's, brown and ivory cotton twill, single breasted with notched collar, 1950-1952
Ballet slippers, adolescent girl's, soft black leather, elastic straps, 1950-1955
Kimono girl's, blue, white and peach crepe, Japanese-style motifs, 1940-1960
Kimono, girl's, blue, off-white and brown printed crepe, Japanese-style motifs, 1940-1960
Hat, child's, brown wool knit, white angora trim and long pointed crown, 1950-1959
Ballet slippers, girl's, pink satin, toe shoes, Capeizo, 1932-1950
Dress and panties, baby's, pink cotton baby's, embroidered dog, "Little Craft," 1958
Coat, boy's, gray and off-white wool, houndstooth check, 1957-1960
Suit, boy's, navy blue cotton, three pieces and clip-on bowtie, 1950-1959
Coat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Sundress, girl's, yellow sheer nylon, small dotted white flocking, c. 1958
Uniform shirt, blue cotton twill, Cub Scouts, Troop 270, Madison, Wisconsin, 1955-1959
Uniform shirt, blue cotton twill, long sleeves, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
T-shirt, cotton, blue and yellow stripes, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Neckerchief, yellow/blue/white cotton, square, scouting motifs, Cub Scouts, 1955-1959
Neckerchief, yellow/blue cotton, triangle, Cub Scouts, c. 1960
Dress, girl's, pink cotton, white embroidered cotton trim, c. 1945
Halloween costume, boy's, gorilla, black rayon, in box, Ben Cooper Inc., New York, NY, 1950-1959
T-shirt, child's, white cotton, "Milwaukee Braves" with image of baseball player and Native American in headdress, 1953-1957
Coat, boy's, red and tan nylon, warm-up style, Milwaukee Braves logo, 1953-1959
Dress, girl's, red cotton, printed with black and gold stripes, c. 1947
Hat, girl's, natural straw, velvet flowers and grosgrain ribbon trim, 1945-1950
Cap, green heather cotton, Girl Scouts, 1950-1959
Change purse, green suede, Girl Scouts, 1930-1950
Helmet, soap box derby, blue molded fiber board, Madison, Wisconsin, 1952
Dress, girl's, off-white organdy and taffeta, embroidered bluebird appliques, c. 1960
Dress, girl's, off-white and pale slate blue organdy, ivory taffeta slip, c. 1960
Socks, green heather cotton, Girl Scouts, c. 1960
Jacket, girl's, dark blue, quilted, red, blue and green figural stylized print, c. 1948
Apron, boy's, dark blue cotton twill, top-stitched tool pockets, 1950-1955
Dress, baby's, white cotton, embroidery on net, 1935-1939
Prom dress, pink chiffon over taffeta, strapless, 1955
Snowsuit, child's, red and off-white wool knitted, shoulder zipper, c. 1955
Communion dress, white silk, floral lace yoke, 1950
Slip, girl's, white polyester, embroidered flower and leaves, 1949-1950
Stockings, girl's, white knit cotton, 1949-1950
Panties, girl's, white knit rayon, elastic waistband, 1949-1950
Communion veil, off-white net, double-tiered with white braid trim, 1949-1950
Confirmation dress, pink cotton gauze, white gauzy eyelet bodice, 1953
Graduation dress, pink cotton, pink floral lace trim, 1957
Homecoming dress, light blue polyester gauze, pink and white flocked velvet designs, c. 1957
Dance costume, girl's, black printed cotton, red, orange and pink flowers, c. 1955
Bellyband, white cotton knit, Carter's, 1951
Nightgown, baby's, white knit, long sleeves, Carter's, 1950-1951
Romper, baby's, white nylon, yellow trim, embroidered cat, 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, white cotton, red embroidered "hello," 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, light green and white cotton, elephant applique, 1951-1952
Romper, baby's, blue and white cotton, 2-piece, I Wanta, 1951-1952
Bathrobe, baby's, white flannel, pink embroidered dogs and flowers, 1951-1952
Sweater, baby's, off-white knit, light green and pink flowers, 1951-1952
Undershirt, baby's, white cotton, rib knit, Carter's, 1950-1951
Beanie, baby's, white nylon, ivory pompon on top of crown, 1951-1952
Cap, baby boy's, yellow cotton blend, eton-style, Cinderella, 1951-1952
Bootees, light green knit, white bear motif, 1951-1952
Bootees, green knit, brown leather soles, teddy bear applique, 1950-1951
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, perforated decoration, in box, Ideal, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, white leather, white laces, in box, Ideal, 1951
Coat, boy's, light blue cotton corduroy, single white button closure at neck, 1953-1954
Pajamas, boy's, white cotton, elf print, Sorbeau, 1952-1954
Suit, boy's, cream and green cotton/polyester, embroidered duck, c. 1953
Sunsuit, boy's, blue cotton, white floral embroidery, Philippines, 1953-1954
Carriage suit, boy's, light blue cotton corduroy, one-piece with enclosed feet, 1953-1954
Vest, boy's, brown wool blend, blue, orange, green and white plaid, 1953-1954
Bonnet, boy's, light blue corduroy, white corduroy trim, 1953-1954
Shoes, boy's, white leather, vamp and toe sewn together with a puckered seam, 1952-1954
Socks, boy's, white knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light blue knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light yellow knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Socks, boy's, light green knit cotton, scalloped edge, 1953-1954
Blanket, baby's, white acrylic, pink cat applique, 1951-1952
Shoes, baby's, off-white nylon, white ribbon ties, 1956-1960
Bunting, baby's, white cotton flannel, clown print, 1955-1961
Crib pocket, white terry cloth, wooden hanger top, 1954
Earband, boy's, black wool knit, white stylized snowflake design, c. 1960
Cowboy hat, boy's, red wool, gold metallic star and white ribbon trim, c. 1949
Dress, baby's, white cotton, white embroidery, 1964
Dress, girl's, red and white polyester gingham, white eyelet yoke and pocket, c. 1950
Dress, girl's, blue and white striped cotton/polyester, appliqued tulips, c. 1949
Cowboy hat, girl's, black wool, swirled pink braided trim, c. 1956
Socks, girl's, white cotton knit, "bobby socks" style, 1930-1950
Shorts, boy's, olive green leather suede, Lederhosen with leather suspenders, 1955-1960
Diaper, white cotton, rectangular, Di-Dee Kleen Diaper Service, with diaper pin, 1948-1949
Handkerchief, girl's, white cotton batiste, printed with 1958 calendar
Jersey, boy's, Milwaukee Braves baseball uniform, 1953-1954
Bib/bottle holder, light blue vinyl with pink trim, H. Daust Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MS, Carry Me, c. 1959
Box, packaging for bib/bottle holder, Carry Me, c. 1959
Handkerchief, child's, light blue cotton, printed with red and yellow Little Jack Horner, 1948-1951
Handkerchief, child's, white cotton, printed in black and blue with farm scene of boy and girl, 1948-1951
Handkerchief, child's, white cotton, printed with carousel theme, 1948-1951
Handkerchief, child's, toy cowboy theme, "Minocqua, Wis.," 1948-1951
Slip, baby's, white cotton, white tatted lace trim on hem, 1935-1939
Hat, boy's, light brown wool tweed, c. 1960
Bonnet, girl's, yellow sheer nylon, small dotted white flocking, c. 1958
Diaper, white cotton, "Hi-n-Dri," Florence, SC, 1954-1956
Diaper, white cotton, "Vanta," 1954-1956
Diaper cover, snap closure, 1954-1956
Baby's bonnet, yellow, knitted, 1954-1956
Bootees, yellow, knitted, 1954-1956
Dress and panties set, baby's, white nylon, 1957
Dress and panties set, baby's, pink corduroy, 1957
Dress, baby's, yellow cotton, smocking, 1958
Sunsuit, baby's, orange polka dots, 1957
Overalls, baby's, light blue corduroy, train applique, 1954-1955
Coat, child's, hood, red cotton, quilted lining, 1956-1958
Snow pants, child's, suspenders, blue cotton, quilted lining, 1956-1958
Mittens, child's, blue cotton, 1956-1958
Winter cap, boy's, brown, 1958-1960
Slippers, boy's, tan corduroy, rocket and astronaut motif, 1958-1960
Pants, boy's, taupe twill, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Jacket, boy's, green and black stripes, flannel lining, 1958-1960
Suit, boy's, 3-pc (overalls, jacket, and shirt), blue, red and green knit check, 1955-1956
Dress, girl's, pink cotton print, crinoline, 1957-1958
Dress and jacket, girl's, turquoise stripes, 1958-1959
Dress, girl's, orange gingham, 1958-1959
Jacket, girl's, navy blue wool, 1958
Skirt, girl's, white, red, green, blue, and black plaid, suspenders, 1958
Jumper, girl's, tan corduory, belt, 1958-1959
Blouse, girl's, light peach with green and orange bow, 1958-1960
Overalls, girl's, dark rose corduroy with white lace, 1958-1959
Coveralls, girl's, blue with red gingham trim, 1959-1960
Jewish Purim costume, boy's, blue and white star print with off-white headcloth, 1957
Jewish Purim costume, boy's, white, gold, and red polyester, 1957
Dress, girl's, dance school, white cotton, "Mary," 1953
Sweater, boy's, v-neck, green with black trim, c. 1957
Sundress, girl's, green and red cotton print, 1950-1952
Dress, girl's, brown floral cotton print, 1950-1952
Pants, boy's, Milwaukee Braves baseball uniform, 1953-1954
Flower girl's dress, white taffeta, 1950
Dance costume, girl's, cowgirl, 8-pc, tan, blue, and red cotton, 1950
Dance costume, girl's, milkmaid, 3-pc, 1950
Tap shoes, girl's, white, navy blue ribbon, Leo's Dancewear, Inc., Chicago, c. 1955
Apron, girl's, white cotton with green and red print, c. 1945
Dance costume, adolescent girl's, dress, sheer black polyester, worn by Jo Ann Kehl, Madison, Wisconsin, c. 1952
Tap dance costume, girl's, cowgirl, 4-pc, red cotton, 1949-1950
Flower girl's veil, white net, 1950
Necklace, girl's, choker length, rhinestones in silver setting, 1950
Flower girl's bouquet, fabric and paper, 1950
Gymsuit, girl's, white cotton, attached belt, embroidered with the name "Linda Schiesser," E.R. Moore Company, Chicago, 1959-1962
Baseball uniform, boy's, Milwaukee Braves, 1955
Uniform dress, green cotton, leather belt, Girl Scouts, c. 1960
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