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Quilts from 1920-1939 (29 records)

Doll quilt, pieced, cotton hexagons, "Grandmother's Flower Garden," 1930-1939
Quilt, pieced, white, green and orange cotton, "Star of the West" with sashing, 1920-1940
Doll quilt, pieced, red and white cotton squares, "Triple Irish Chain," 1900-1925
Quilt, embroidered, white cotton, state flowers, 1920-1940
Quilt, pieced, signature, white, pink, blue, & green cotton "Courthouse Square," c. 1930
Quilt top, embroidered, orange and white cotton, nursery rhymes titles and scenes, 1929-1931
Quilt, pieced, white, green, pink, purple and orange cotton hexagons, "Grandmother's Flower Garden," c. 1915
Quilt, pieced, signature, orange & white cotton, fan design, 1929-1930
Quilt, pieced, white, red, blue, green, and pink cottons prints in "Ocean Wave," 1920-1929
Doll quilt, pieced, solid and printed cottons, "Bow Tie," reversible, 1920-1930
Doll quilt, pieced, printed and woven cottons in "Hit or Miss" pattern, 1900-1925
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Basket Design," c. 1920
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Basket Design," c. 1920
Quilt, appliquéd, white, pink & green cotton, poppy design, 1923
Quilt, appliquéd, white, green, red, and yellow cotton, bird, cherry tree and floral motifs, c. 1922
Quilt, pieced, pink and white cotton, "Stars and Cubes," 1848 & c. 1925
Comforter, tied, cotton print with boys and girls, 1920-1929
Quilt, appliquéd, white, blue, green & pink cotton, "French Basket," 1938
Quilt, pieced, cotton hexagons, "Grandmother's Flower Garden," 1930-1950
Quilt top, pieced star, primarily wool, 1928-1931
Crib quilt, pieced, wool rectangles embroidered with a flower, 1900-1940
Quilt, appliquéd, fair ribbons on black rayon, 1934-1935
Quilt, pieced, white, pink, red, green and yellow cotton, "Broken Star," 1930-1931
Quilt, pieced, appliquéd, printed and white cotton, "Flower Pot," 1929
Crib quilt, pieced, embroidered, blue and white cotton, blue animals, "Necktie," 1931
Quilt top, pieced, one-patch squares, green, red, pink, blue, and white, 1930-1939
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, signature, white cotton, flower basket design, Ladies Aid Society, 1938-1940
Quilt, pieced, pastel cottons, one-patch, November 23, 1934
Quilt, pieced, embroidered, yellow and blue cotton, "Four Patch," 1932
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