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1825-1849 (32 records)

China doll, woman, black and pink plaid taffeta, Germany, 1850-1852
Wax doll, woman, black striped skirt, red and white print shirt, England, 1840-1865
Papier-mâché doll, woman, red and white checked plaid dress, Germany, 1810-1825
China doll, woman, beige silk dress, Germany, 1840-1860
China doll, woman, ecru lace shawl, Germany, 1831-1847
Papier-mâché doll, woman, orange jacket over white dress, Germany, 1830-1835
Composition doll, woman, blue and white checked dress, Germany, 1840-1849
Wax doll, girl, white gown, England, 1835-1875
Composition doll, woman, green dress, Germany, 1840-1855
Composition doll, girl, worn undergarments, England, 1830-1880
Papier-mâché doll, woman, peach silk dress, Germany, 1840-1855
Composition doll, woman, blue plaid dress, Germany, 1830-1840
Composition doll, woman, brown dress, flower-trimmed bonnet, Germany, 1845-1850
Composition doll, woman, red and black dress, Germany, 1835-1845
Composition doll, woman, blue print dress, Germany, 1835-1849
Composition doll, woman, faded lavender, white and rose striped dress, Germany, 1830-1849
Composition doll, woman, white petticoat with aqua ribbon tie at waist, Germany, 1830-1860
Wax doll, woman, blue and green striped dress, England, 1830-1855
Wax doll, woman, green brocade dress, 1830-1849
Wax doll, girl, ecru organdy dress, lace bonnet, England, 1840-1865
Wax doll, girl, blue molded hat, brown plaid dress, 1845-1855
Wax doll, girl, pink and cream print dress, 1840-1865
Wax doll, woman, flowered skirt only, England, 1800-1840
China doll, woman, green plaid dress, Germany, Meissen, Royal Saxon China Manufactory, 1846-1855
China doll, girl, floral printed dress, Germany, 1830-1845
China doll, woman, black and white jacket with red plaid trim, Germany, 1830-1850
Peg wooden doll, girl, white dress, 1830-1850
Peg wooden doll, girl, net dress, 1830-1850
Peg wooden doll, woman, ecru cotton dress, 1830-1850
China doll, woman, wooden body, no clothes, Germany, 1820-1845
Composition doll, woman, green dress with peach apron, Germany, 1820-1835
Papier-mâché doll, woman, ecru and blue dress, Germany, 1840-1850
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