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China (22 records)

Composition doll, boy, gold kimono and red pants, China, 1900
Composition doll, man, embroidered pink garment, Mandarin, China, 1895-1920
Composition doll, woman, red and gold gown, Mandarin, China, 1900-1910
Composition doll, woman, embroidered white satin garment, China, 1900-1910
Cloth doll, boy, Chinese costume, yellow garments, tiger hat, China, 1920-1940
Wooden doll, woman with baby, Chinese costume, Door of Hope, China, 1915-1917
Composition doll, Chinese woman on stand, green and orange garment, China, 1920-1939
Plastic doll, girl, Velvet's Little Sister "Cinnamon," orange outfit, Ideal, USA/Hong Kong, 1971-1976
Plastic doll, girl, "Mia," purple dress, Ideal, USA/Hong Kong, 1971-1975
Plastic doll, baby, "Drowsy," pink and white sleeper, Mattel, USA/Hong Kong, 1962-1969
Plastic doll, woman, "Barbie," pink formal gown, Mattel, USA/Hong Kong, 1967-1969
Plastic doll, woman, "Love," khaki green jumpsuit, Hasbro, USA /Hong Kong, 1971
Plastic doll, young woman, "Brandi," aqua dress, Ideal, USA/Hong Kong, 1971-1976
Plastic doll, baby, no clothing, Uneeda Doll Co., USA/Hong Kong, 1960-1970
Plastic doll, girl, lavender dress with green print scarf, Hong Kong, 1970-1978
Cloth doll, girl, "Dressy Bessy", multicolored garments, blue vest, USA/Hong Kong, Playskool, 1970
Plastic doll, girl, pink night gown, Niresk Industries, USA/Hong Kong, 1963-1969
Plastic doll, woman, "Barbie," Wedding Fantasy, in original box, USA/China, Mattel, 1989
Plastic doll, woman, African American, "Christie," red dress, Mattel, Inc., USA/China, 1988
Plastic doll, troll, gray shirt, China, 1989-1990
Cloth doll, woman, "Mrs. Beasley," TV character, blue and white polka dotted outfit, glasses, Mattel, Hong Kong, 1968
Doll, plastic, girl, "Nellie," American Girl, blue and white dress, in original box with book, China, 2004
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