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Black dolls (28 records)

Walnut head doll, African American man, navy pants, blue jacket and brown vest, USA, 1920-1930
Walnut doll, woman, African American, dressed as vegetable seller, brown dress, plaid shawl, USA, 1920-1930
Composition and wax doll, woman, painted black, orange dress, white apron, 1865-1875
Doll, wool yarn, handmade, African American boy, blue and white knit outfit, USA, 1920-1940
Cloth doll, black fabric, African American, mammy-style, white apron, red turban, red print dress, USA, 1950
Rubber doll, woman, black, African American, mammy-style, red print dress, white apron, USA, 1918-1925
Composition doll, girl, African American, blue print dress, USA, 1930-1939
Bisque doll, man, painted black, olive green velveteen suit, Germany, 1865-1885
Wooden folk doll, black, jigging woman, blue dress, USA, 1890-1910
Wooden doll, woman, brown dress, 1890-1910
Cloth printed doll, woman, African American, red striped dress, Babyland Rag, USA, Horsman, 1907-1912
Composition doll, black girl, red paisley print dress, 1865-1880
Composition and wishbone doll, black African American "Mammy", purple skirt, yellow shawl, USA, 1900-1930
Celluloid doll, black boy, white Egyptian costume, red fez, Germany, 1925-1934
Cloth doll, floral cotton print dress, red turban, basket on head, represents woman of Barbados, 1930
Rubber doll, woman, dressed as African American "mammy," USA, 1900-1930
Bisque doll, woman, black, red plaid dress, worn with two aprons, Germany, 1890-1910
Composition doll, man, African American, painted yellow pants and blue jacket, 1890-1910
Cloth dolls, girls, topsy-turvy style, black face in red hood reverses to white face in blue jacket, USA, 1930-1940
All-bisque doll, baby, painted black, African American, green and white checked dress, white pinafore, Japan, 1930-1940
Plastic doll, black African American, drink and wet baby, blue and white print sunsuit, USA, 1965-1970
Celluloid doll, girl, black, African American, molded red dress, Japan, 1925-1935
Composition doll, man, black, African, leather and fur loincloth, Germany, 1890-1910
Cloth doll, man, male figure, "Ruddy Sunflower," orange shirt, green checked knickers, Ethel Bachelle, USA, 1930-1936
Cloth doll, woman, " Becky Sunflower," orange and white gingham dress, Ethel Bachelle, USA, 1930-1936
Plastic doll, woman, African American, "Christie," red dress, Mattel, Inc., USA/China, 1988
Plastic doll, girl, African-American, "Addy Walker," American Girl, 1993
Cloth doll, African-American woman, printed cloth, 1905-1910
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