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Breezy Gifts

Painted White Silk Satin Fan and Box
Manufacturer: Black, Starr & Frost, New York City
Silk, ivory, paint
Gift of Lucy Kate McGlachlin Johnson (1953.160,a)

West Point Military Academy student Edward Fenton McGlachlin gave this fan to his sister, Lucy Kate (McGlachlin) Johnson (b. 1873) of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Painted White Silk Satin Fan Box - detail
Painted White Silk Satin Fan - detail
Painted Daisies White Silk Fan
c. 1900
Silk, ivory, sequins, paint
Gift of Adele Steinle (1955.1512)

This fan was a birthday present to Adele Steinle (b. 1870) of Marinette, Wisconsin, probably for her thirtieth birthday.

Painted Daisies White Silk Fan - detail

Red Cockade Fan
Gift of Mrs. J.R. McCarthy (1960.132.14)

Sunday school teacher Eva M. Shepard gave this fan as a Christmas present to her pupil, Ada M. Baker (b. 1879) of Portage, Wisconsin.

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