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Pottery by Frackelton

Decorated Pipe
Decorated pipe
Manufactured by Bunde & Upmeyer
hand-painted by Susan S. Frackelton, 1894
Porcelain and sterling silver

Pipe bowl (a) is porcelain with a sterling silver hinged cover. The bowl is ovoid-shaped with a narrow elbow at the bottom that fits into the pipe stem and a small button-shaped knob where the bowl meets the elbow. The cover is domed and pierced in an arabesque pattern with a blue glass or porcelain bead set at the top. A small latch fits into a slot in a pierced silver ring around the rim of the bowl. The rim of the bowl is painted teal blue and is decorated with pink and lavender floral festoons along with green, gilt, and pink festoons. The front of the bowl has a gilt bordered oval medallion with a portrait of a woman in an 18th century costume. The porcelain button is painted like a flower in gilt and pink. "S-1" is stamped on the elbow in blue, and "STERLING" is stamped in silver on the rim. Porcelain pipe elbow/stem, (b) is branched into two tubes, one lined with cork to accomodate the elbow on the bowl. The stem has a bulbous bottom, and is painted teal blue with a scalloped border in gilt and pink. The rims of the tubes are bordered in gilt and pink with floral and gilt festoons that match the bowl. Decorator's mark, "SF", is painted in gilt on the front near the scallped border.

Porcelain blank pipe may be of German origin. Bunde-Upmeyer of Milwaukee executed the silverwork, and Susan Frackelton painted the exterior decoration. Donated in 1958 by Frackelton's daughter, Gladys F. Seely, along with the original box manufactured by Bunde & Upmeyer of Milwaukee (1957.421C).

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