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Pottery by Frackelton

Decorated chamber pot with lid
Decorated chamber pot with lid
Imported English porcelain blank
Hand painted by Susan S. Frackelton, 1880-1890
Porcelain with decoration overglaze

White porcelain chamber pot (d) is round with bulbous sides, a fluted neck, a base ring, and a molded strap handle. All decorations are hand-painted overglaze, and the neck and upper body are painted in reddish-brown and gilt. The border forms a trefoil design, and there are white cartouches and oval medallions with a lattice motif. The exterior sides are painted with a flower-and-branch motif in shades of reddish-brown, outlined in gilt. The base ring is painted in reddish brown and gilt, and the handle is outlined in reddish-brown and gilt. White porcelain lid (e) is round and domed with fluted edges. It has a molded handle in a belt-and-buckle shape. Lid has reddish-brown decoration like that of the pot, and the handle is outlined in reddish-brown and gilt.

Porcelain blank may be made by Cumberlidge and Humphreys, Gordon Pottery, Tunstall, England. Part of a toilet set along with 1958.1328, 1958.1328A-B, 1958.1328C, and 1958.1328F-H that was the personal property of Susan Frackelton and likely decorated by her. Donated in 1958 by Frackelton's daughter, Gladys F. Seely.

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