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Pottery by Frackelton

Art pottery bud vase
Art pottery bud vase
Decorated by Susan S. Frackelton, 1894-1909
Stoneware with clear glaze

Earthenware bud vase is ovoid-shaped with shoulders and a ringed neck. The vase is a heavy cream-color with a clear glaze, and the neck, shoulders, and base are painted blue. There are stylized iris-like flowers painted around the shoulders, with stems and leaves extending toward the base to form five panels. The panels contain blurred blue designs, which appear to be remnants of painted landscapes. A maker's mark, "SF", and Roman numeral, "IX", are incised and painted blue on the underside along with "67" painted and encircled in blue.

Donated in 1958 by Frackelton's daughter, Gladys F. Seely.

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