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Pottery by Frackelton

ARt pottery punch bowl
Art pottery punch bowl
Decorated by Susan S. Frackelton, 1894-1909
Stoneware with gray or clear glaze

Stoneware bowl with gray or clear glaze. Exterior has raised grape clusters in blue and painted blue underglaze. Interior surface has hand-painted blue grape design motifs. Underside has an incised maker's mark, "SF".

The bowl was acquired by Ruth DeYoung Kohler from an unknown source and at an unknown time. Mrs. Kohler was responsible for the preservation of the Wade House Historic Site and was collecting art work and objects from around the state during Wade House's early days. Mrs. Kohler wrote about Frackelton in a 1948 book about Wisconsin women, "The Story of Wisconsin Women." The bowl was stored for many years in the attic of the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.

The bowl has been in possession of the Kohler Foundation since the 1970s. In 2004 it was used as a flower vase in a room at the American Club. Frackelton scholar Lyn Korenic of the University of Wisconsin's Kohler Art Library discovered the bowl on a research visit to Kohler.

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