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Pottery by Frackelton

Art pottery candleholder
Art pottery candleholder
Decorated by Susan S. Frackelton, 1909
Stoneware with gray glaze

Stoneware candleholder has a baluster-shaped body with a flared rim and base, and a well at the top to hold a candle. The candleholder has a gray glaze, and the interior rim is painted in blue spades and fans. The exterior is decorated in blue with a complex design of trefoils, small oval medallions with flowers, quatrefoils with flowers, large oval medallions with peacock feathers, and spades with fans. A maker's mark, "SF"; date, "1909", and the letter "c" are painted on the bottom. The letter "c" may stand for Chicago.

Donated in 1958 by Frackelton's daughter, Gladys F. Seely.

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