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Pottery by Frackelton

Art pottery vase
Art pottery vase
Thrown by Fred Weiss of Weiss Pottery, Milwaukee
Decorated by Susan S. Frackelton, 1901
Stoneware with gray glaze

Stoneware vase is ovoid-shaped with a slightly flaring foot. It has a gray glaze and painted blue decorations underglaze. The exterior has applied poppies around an upper body with stems extending to the base, and the background has incised stylized flowers and foliage. The rim is painted blue with short vertical stripes on the interior. Piece has no makers marks or dates.

Piece was likely used as an adornment in the Wisconsin Buliding at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Vase was thrown by Fred Weiss of Weiss Pottery in Milwaukee and decorated by Susan Frackelton. Similar pieces are described in a March 31, 1901 article in the (Milwaukee) Sentinel. This piece may be illustrated with a (now missing?) lid in the same article. A medal won by Susan Frackelton at this Exposition is in the collection of the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Donated in 1958 by Frackelton's daughter, Gladys F. Seely.

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