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Online Exhibit Credits

James Ellis: Web site producer
Julie Franki: Graphic designer
Monica Harrison: Web content coordinator
Joe Kapler: Exhibition curator
Jeanie Davan: Web designer

In addition to the above individuals, the Wisconsin Historical Museum recognizes the contributions of the following individuals to the gallery exhibition and related programming:

Anna Andrzejewski
James Auer
Leslie Bellais
Liz Berland
Regina Davan
David Driscoll
Margaret Dwyer
Bob Granflaten
Andrea Hoffman
John Hummel
Howard and Lucetta Kanetzke
Cheryl Korth
Ann Koski
Beth Kowalski
Tom Lidtke
Ann Smart Martin
Danika Morphew-Tarbuck
Scott Roller
Maria Saffioti-Dale
Thomas Shaw
Tiffany Stein
Ruth Ward

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