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House Party (1927)

Lavern Kammerude (1915-1989)
Oil on board

Lavern Kammerude was born on a farm near Blanchardville, Wisconsin and left school after eighth grade to work on the family farm. In 1934 he met Mildred McQuillan at a dance and they married a year later. For years he worked two farms doing what he called “plain old farming.” Kammerude liked to draw at a young age; horses were a favorite subject. He began painting in the early 1960s and enrolled in an artist's correspondence program. In 1967 he began working for a nearby automotive parts company and he painted at home in the evenings. Soon he found that many people were interested in his detailed scene paintings of a bygone era, so he started selling his works in the 1970s. The popularity of his works increased, and in 1987 Kammerude received the Governor's Heritage Award. His painting of an old-fashioned house party was commissioned by Philip Martin of the Wisconsin Folk Museum.

Investigate this painting by clicking on a link below. Each link opens a large image file.

A Shared Past

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A Nostalgic View

(JPG, 371KB)

Composing a Memory

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