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Portrait of James H. Lockwood (1793-1857)

Samuel Marsden Brookes (1816-1892) and Thomas H. Stevenson
Oil on canvas

New York-born James Henry Lockwood served as an army sutler's clerk during the War of 1812. He came to Wisconsin in 1816, entered the fur trade, and settled in Prairie du Chien in 1819. Lockwood studied law and was appointed prosecuting attorney and postmaster in 1824. In 1826 he built the first frame house in Prairie du Chien, a wing of which served as a retail store. Lockwood was appointed associate justice of Crawford County in 1830, and he served as a territorial legislator in 1836. He was part owner of the Wisconsin Mineral and Transportation Company and was director of the First State Bank of Prairie du Chien.

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Through the Lens of History

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Subtle Clues

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"Evidences of Hardihood"

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Displayed in the original gallery exhibition with this painting:

Spectacles with hinged, double lenses
Tinted glass, steel

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