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Portrait of Nellie Jane Manning (1866-1873)

Abram Ross Stanley (1816-1875)
Oil on canvas

Nellie Jane Manning lived in Shullsburg, Wisconsin and died suddenly of spinal meningitis at the age of six, leaving the family with no visual record of their daughter. Abram Ross Stanley, a distant relative, painted a portrait of Nellie as a gift to the Mannings, perhaps to ease their grief. Stanley operated a portrait studio on Water Street in Schullsburg.

Investigate this painting by clicking on a link below. Each link opens a large image file.

A part of these images was provided by The National Gallery of Art and the original can be located on their website.

Recreating Life from Death

(JPG, 294KB)

The Face of Childhood

(JPG, 396KB)

Lockets and Kittens

(JPG, 305KB)

Displayed in the original gallery exhibition with this painting:

Girl's dress
Made by Mrs. James Lyall, Verona, Wisconsin
Worn by daughter Anny Lyall (b. ca. 1863)
Dyed merino wool, soutache trim
ca. 1865

Book locket on chain
Rose gold
Late 19th century
Courtesy of Ann Koski

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