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Peshtigo Fire I: Refuge in a Field (1871)

Mel Kishner (1915-1991)
Oil on fiberboard

On October 8, 1871, the day of the Great Chicago Fire, firestorms raged through the upper Great Lakes region, including a 2400-square-mile area around Peshtigo, Wisconsin. More than 1200 lives were lost and thousands of acres of the surrounding countryside and forests lay ravaged. Yet, the event is overshadowed by the calamity in Chicago. Nearly 100 years later, Milwaukee Journal illustrator Melvin A. Kishner created a series of dramatic scenes of the great catastrophe to accompany the Journal's serialized version of the new book, Fire at Peshtigo, by Robert W. Wells.

Investigate this painting by clicking on a link below. Each link opens a large image file.

The Other Great Fire

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Conveying the Drama

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