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Portrait of Austin E. Quinney (1791-1865)

Amos Hamlin, Jr. (1814-1872)
Oil on canvas

Austin E. Quinney, or Ikutauam, an elected chief of the Stockbridge band of Mahican Indians, was a leader in their migration from New York to Wisconsin in the 1820s. After the band settled in Calumet County in 1834, Quinney helped negotiate a series of treaties aimed at securing and protecting land for the band and its members. Dr. Amos C. Hamlin, Jr., an itinerant portraitist originally from western New York, painted Quinney and his family in 1849, possibly while visiting a brother nearby. Seven years later, the Stockbridge and Munsee bands moved to a reservation in Shawano County.

Investigate this painting by clicking on a link below. Each link opens a large image file.

A Family Affair

(JPG, 311KB)

From Catlin to Hamlin

(JPG, 346KB)

A Traditional Legacy

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Displayed in the original gallery exhibition with this painting:

Finger-woven leg garters
Worn by Austin Quinney, Stockbridge, Wisconsin
Wool, glass beads

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