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Trabajando en el Campo (ca. 1965)

Seferina Contreras Klinger
Oil on canvas

Trabajando en el Campo (Working in the Fields) is a folk painting made from memory by an untrained artist. Beginning in the late 1940s, the Contreras family of south Texas traveled to Wisconsin to work in the farms and processing facilities of the Marks Brothers Pickle Company near Wautoma. The artist, Seferina Contreras Klinger, came along in the summers as a child but decided to stay in Texas when she reached her teens. The painting shows her grandmother, Aurelia Contreras, and her uncle, Fidel Contreras, picking and loading cucumbers in the fields. Klinger painted the scene from childhood memories and used family photographs for facial details.

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"I Felt as if I was There..."

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The Migrant Experience

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The Cucumber Fields

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