Links to Additional Sites

Seeking additional information regarding Wisconsin folk culture? Visit the Center for the Society of Upper Midwestern Culture's Wisconsin page at

Want more information on local, active folk artists throughout Wisconsin, or educational opportunities in your area? Go to the Wisconsin Arts Board's “Wisconsin Folks” website ( and its “Folk Arts in Education” program (

In search of information on folk culture across the United States? The American Folklife Center includes Library of Congress archives, publications, and services by state. Visit them at

The University of Wisconsin-Madison 's Folklore Program sponsors lectures on folk culture and folk art. Explore their event calendar at

Interested in visiting a village dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals and communities to celebrate, experience, and support ethnic and traditional folk life? Go to the Folklore Village of Southwestern Wisconsin's website at to plan your visit.

The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters includes art galleries, monthly publications, and presentations from some of Wisconsin 's leading artists and thinkers. Visit their website at to find out more.

Looking to take classes on folk art, attend arts and crafts fairs, visit exhibits or peruse recent publications on folk art in Wisconsin? Visit the Cedarburg Cultural Center's website:

To see folk objects in use, visit the Wisconsin Historical Society's Old World Wisconsin.