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Wisconsin's Daniel Boone

Dateline: Kentucky, June 7, 1769. Daniel Boone first entered Kentucky 235 years ago this week, opening the door to a wave of East Coast settlers and romantic myths about himself and the West. Wisconsin had many pioneers like him and one of them - - James Reed, of Trempeleau - - was profiled in the Galesville Republican in 1929. Reed may have been unusual in his opposition to the cruelties of the U.S. government during the Black Hawk War, but in other ways he was typical of early white settlers in many parts of our state. For more stories like Reed's, visit our collection of 50,000 Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles. To see Daniel Boone's son's recollections about that 1769 trip to Kentucky, visit American Journeys (click "Page & Text" to see the manuscript transcribed), where you can also find other manuscripts by and about Boone.
:: Posted in Odd Lives on June 7, 2004
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