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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Voltaire in the Wisconsin Wilderness

Dateline: July 12, 1804. On this date died Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father and eloquent advocate for the U.S. Constitution. His son, William Hamilton, was one of the founding fathers of the Wisconsin lead region. The younger Hamilton settled at Wiota in the summer of 1827, and was “a man of culture, active, and enterprising. Although he had lived for many years among the roughest and hardest class of men, the miners and adventurers of early days, he retained and exhibited, when he so desired, the polish of his early training” - - which may explain why his two-room log cabin contained “shelves filled with books, among which [was] a fine quarto edition of the works of Voltaire, printed in Paris.” He emigrated to California after the discovery of the gold mines, where he died in 1852. Read more about him and see his portrait in our collection of Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles.
:: Posted in Odd Lives on July 12, 2004
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