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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Fishy Presidents in Goofy Hats

Dateline: Brule River, 1928. President Bush was in our state again this week, but he was working. Earlier chief executives came here for rest and relaxation, including Dwight D. Eisenhower; where did they get those wonderful hats, one wonders? Calvin Coolidge, known as “Silent Cal” tothe media, presumably did not scare any fish away with boisterous comments but he, also, seems to have a found a strange hat. Finally, an Appleton woman recalled fishing “many times” with President Andrew Jackson when she was a girl and he, too, wore an unusual hat. So if you’re at the cottage fishing this weekend, look closely at your companions around the lake. You may not see the president, but you’ll probably discover some funny hats. Then, at the end of the day, pop open the laptop and discover other odd anecdotes and pictures in our various online collections.
:: Posted in Odd Lives on July 16, 2004
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