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Women with Clubs

Today (February 1st) is the birthday of Theodora Youmans, a founding member of the Wisconsin Federation of Women's Clubs. If that phrase makes you think of tea cups, crumpets, and bridge tables, think again. From 1895 to 1925, Youmans and other club women waged a tireless struggle for women's rights. Youmans led the 1911-12 campaign for a women's suffrage amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution and, after voting rights were finally won in 1919, wrote this short history of the how Wisconsin women won the ballot. But it wasn't just suffrage that Youmans and her allies wanted. Read about their efforts to improve cultural life across the board in her retrospective essay on the movement. If you're a woman who voted last fall, or has a career outside the home, or likes to follow your heart and mind and talents anywhere they lead, take a moment to silently thank your great-grandmothers and their clubs.
:: Posted in Odd Lives on February 1, 2005
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