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"Conquest of America" Tonight

Today's Odd Wisconsin has no Wisconsin connection - - or only a tenuous one. Tonight and tomorrow The History Channel broadcasts a 4-hour series on early exploration called "The Conquest of America." They've recreated four important voyages and expeditions in video, overlaid with quotations from the explorers' own reports.

Last year we digitized 18,000 pages of such reports and presented them in our American Journeys online collection. There you'll find firsthand accounts, eyewitness descriptions, contemporary maps, original manuscripts, antique engravings, rare books, and much more on every important North American voyage of exploration. Each of the 160 documents is explained and interpreted, biographies of the authors are given, and best of all, every one of American Journeys' 18,000 pages was read and indexed by our staff, so you can find information on dozens of topics that interest you.

So after watching television actors portray the explorers, come back to American Journeys where you'll find original eyewitness accounts by members of the Coronado, Ribault and Menendez, Hudson, Bering, and Rezanov expeditions and discover the riches available to you for free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at American Journeys. Funding for American Journeys was provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Wisconsin Historical Foundation, and Society members and donors.

:: Posted in Odd Lives on March 28, 2005
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