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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Mystic Vision of the Virgin near Green Bay

This morning's news brings a report that on a section of the Kennedy Expressway on Chicago's northwest side, a yellow and white image has appeared on the concrete wall of an underpass, with some observers believing it to be an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Candles, flowers and a painting of the Virgin Mary embracing John Paul II are among the offerings that devotees have brought to the site in the last 24 hours.

Here in Wisconsin we, too, have had mystic visions. In 1859, outside Green Bay, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young Belgian immigrant twice, exhorting her to give her life to serving others. The girl, Adele Brise, followed that advice and spent the next four decades building a chapel, school and orphanage on the site. After a two-year investigation, in December 2010 Church officials confirmed that the Virgin Mary did appear to Adele Brise in Brown County long ago.

:: Posted in Odd Lives on April 20, 2005
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