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Odd Wisconsin Archive

The Other Deep Throat

"With a stein or two of beer and a couple of sandwiches - - they were free - - to munch on, the university boys used to do much of their studying in the historic old place."

So says the author of this article on the late lamented Hausmann's Brewery, at the corner of State and Gorham in downtown Madison. First prohibition killed off their 35,000 barrels a year, and just after they switched to producing a low-alcohol "near-beer" that few people wanted, a fire gutted the old brewhouse. Following the fire, its historic mahogany bar was installed in the University of Wisconsin's Memorial Union, where thousands of UW grads now living all around our state presumably rested an elbow (and maybe a forehead) during the intervening decades.

The slaking of deep throats continues in Madison to this day, not just at State and Gorham but at a dozen other intersections downtown, and the Union itself has become a historic venue. Find out more about Wisconsin beer drinkers, prohibitionists, brewers, and even barrel-makers at our page on "Brewing and Prohibition" in Turning Points in Wisconsin History.
:: Posted in Curiosities on May 31, 2005

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