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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Cooler Heads Prevail

Down here in the southern part of the Badger state temperatures have begun to break 80 every day. We spend half an hour before breakfast watering all those seedlings we put in a couple weeks ago (now parched and drooping by 4:00pm). The mosquitoes are humming, the dogs lie panting, aggressive weeds snake their way toward the sun between the cracks of our sidewalks, and Walmart, Menards, and Farm & Fleet have piled up tottering pyramids of fans next to the garden hoses and inflatable kiddy pools.

This fellow from Shorewood thought he had a good way to beat the heat. Were not sure who he is, when the photo was taken, or if the product around his neck ever reached market. Given the quantity of moisture hes mopping from his generous brow, perhaps it had no future anyway. But his laughter in the face of summer is an inspiration these days.

:: Posted in Curiosities on June 2, 2005

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