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Odd Wisconsin Archive

August Doldrums

Summer's reached that point where we can hardly recall icicles in the mustache, damp and bone-chilling lakeshore winds, and days so short that it's dark when we arrive at work and dark again when we leave. No, now it feels as if we'll always lounge like these two in summer hammocks, listless as basking reptiles, until we get up for a lazy swim.

Enjoy it while you can. In the next couple weeks the back of summer will be broken, kids will slouch reluctantly onto the school bus, and blanched late-summer lawns will be swept by the first russet September leaves. We'll hear Joni Mitchell in our heads singing "Urge for Goin'" and the brilliant colors of August afternoons in distant fields will give way to the steely grey of foreboding autumn skies. But we'll be here, with thousands of pictures, memoirs, stories, and other diversions to help you while away the evening when you once again resume your indoor life.
:: Posted in Curiosities on August 10, 2005

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