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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Remember Rennebohm’s Lunch Counters?

Well, 35 years ago photographer Chuck Patch and his friend Steven Kimbrough embarked on a gustatorial odyssey: to eat breakfast and take a photograph in every Rennebohm’s in the Madison area. Their pictures bring back the ambiance, evoke the smells, detail the formica tabletops and the plastic trays, and preserve customers and staff for posterity. Who are these people staring back at us from the era of Richard Nixon and John Lennon? Look no further - - they are you and me.

Actually, if you’re sure you recognize any of the Rennebohm’s locations, customers, or waitresses shown here, please click the “Feedback” link at the foot of any page. Be sure to tell us which photo you’re commenting on: each one has an Image ID number just below its description. And if you want a copy for framing, you can order it online by clicking "Add To Cart." See thousands of other photographs from Wisconsin's past at Wisconsin Historic Images.
:: Posted in Curiosities on September 6, 2005

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