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Intelligent Design

No, not the debate over the origin of the universe -- the debate over the origin of ugliness.

You may recall that earlier this year, thanks to the quick thinking and generosity of Society supporters, we were able to acquire on eBay a unique album of photographs showing Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin being built. Since then we have been acquiring additional Wright material as it becomes available and digitizing it for presentation in Wisconsin Historical Images, along with other Wright pieces acquired long ago.

Items added in the past few weeks include a rare brochure for Wright's Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, commissioned in 1916 and demolished in 1968. The brochure, which probably dates from the 1920s, includes two Wright-inspired luggage tags.

Also added in the last month are photos of several architectural models, including this gas station that perhaps stretches the phrase "intelligent design" further than one wants to go. (That reminds me: gas stations are featured this week in the favorites page at Turning Points in Wisconsin History).

Staff have added more than 100 Wright images since the beginning of the summer, including drawings, interior and exterior shots of famous structures, photos of buildings under construction, and portraits of the master (including several Wright passport photos).

228 images relating to Wright are now available on our site. To keep up with new ones as they are added, visit our "New Images" page regularly or sign up to receive the WHI Newsletter in your email.
:: Posted in Curiosities on September 25, 2005

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