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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Frog Jumping & Other Pursuits

Madison photographer Arthur M. Vinje, 1888-1972, had an eye for the curious moments of everyday life, whether they were mundane (like this Italian housewife in Greenbush, 1941) or historic (such as VJ Day, August 15, 1945. Many of his pictures are also aesthetically compelling: this is no ordinary wedding photograph.

Vinje also seemed to be on hand for evocative situations that typify an era, from the KKK rally in Madison in 1924 to the young Muhammad Ali in 1959. He also managed to catch slightly bizarre moments, such as a frog jumping contest, a collie at auction, and Santa Claus on the phone.

Vinje's photographs are one of several new collections being added to Wisconsin Historical Images as it approaches 20,000 online images. You can see all of his work currently in WHI by clicking here. And now you can have a list of our latest online photographs automatically sent to your Web page through an RSS feed every day by following these instructions.
:: Posted in Curiosities on October 9, 2005

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