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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Ghosts of Halloween Past

'Tis the season to be ghouly. The sun has begun to set early, the full moon looms large on the horizon, and dead leaves fly like witches on broomsticks through the Wisconsin sky. Our state has its share of ghostly legends. Eery sounds long escaped Juneau's haunted house, where a murdered man stalked the empty halls. Spirits were called forth by more than one Wisconsin spiritualist, including even a governor of Wisconsin who said he talked with ghosts. Discover the history of Halloween on Sunday the 30th at Old World Wisconsin (wear your costume). Frighten yourself all weekend long in Haunted Ringlingville, at Circus World Museum in Baraboo. Tremble and shiver at a different classic horror movie every day, if you dare, in our Museum's "Horror Week" film series. Or just stay home safe at your computer and check out these pictures of Halloweens past, at Wisconsin Historic Images.
:: Posted in Curiosities on October 22, 2005
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