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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Java Man

Do you worry that you drink too much coffee? Charles Clark of Milwaukee literally spent his life at it. He got into coffee just as consumers switched from roasting their own beans to buying pre-roasted and ground beans at the grocery store. After starting business in New Orleans in 1885, Clark moved to Milwaukee before World War One and, with William Host, opened the Clark & Host coffee roasting company. For decades he spent part of each day sniffing the aroma of the freshly roasted beans, then brewing and sampling cups in order to make sure that his product was up to snuff (so to speak). After nearly six decades in the coffee business, he retired in 1942 and sold his company to Roundy's. He looks pretty relaxed for someone who inhaled or imbibed coffee daily for more than half a century, doesn't he?
:: Posted in Odd Lives on November 2, 2005
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