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Couples, couples, couples

Working Title Films' new version of Pride & Prejudice is opening this weekend to rave reviews. It seems we have an inexhaustible interest in the many ways that couples come together, whether in 1805 or in 2005.

There were, of course, stereotypical Victorian dour couples that make us grimace almost as well as they did, but back then there were also silly and joyous couples and just plain contented couples.

We love to get a voyeur's glimpse at famous couples and strange couples, and to wonder how couples ever got themselves into situations like this.

Perhaps most of all we like to see couples like these, which make us forget that half of modern marriages end in divorce and help us keep hope alive that, somewhere out there, we'll find our perfect partner. Until then, it's Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, which you can read online or download from the generous Jane Austen lovers at The Republic of Pemberley.
:: Posted in Curiosities on November 11, 2005

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