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Odd Wisconsin Archive

A Typical City Involved in a Typical Daydream

Maybe it's an 1842 view of Kenosha from the lake, or perhaps it's a postcard from Superior in 1945. Maybe it's a lithograph bird's-eye view of Beaver Dam, or Janesville actually shot from the air in the 1860s. Perhaps it's a stereopticon view of main street in Mount Horeb, or a live shot of skateboarders on a Milwaukee sidewalk. More than 3,500 images of Wisconsin cities and towns have now been added to Wisconsin Historical Images, thanks in large part to a 2004 SBC Excelerator grant. They include more than 300 aerial photographs taken between 1860 and 1988, more than 200 bird's-eye views, and thousands of other celebrations of community life. Is your town included yet? Have a look.
:: Posted in Curiosities on November 27, 2005
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