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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Ruminating About Germinating

This time of year, Wisconsin gardeners are like racehorses stomping in the starting block. A few passionate ones are already harvesting greens in their coldframes, but most us are impatiently awaiting the arrival of that mythical date when our backyards are supposedly safe from a renegade killer frost.

We have to content ourselves with visions of bounty and great expectations of what will follow our summer's labor. There will be monstrous squash, 13-foot corn stalks, and tomato plants reaching above the eaves. We'll be up to our armpits in radishes. We'll need a wagon to bring it all in from the back forty (the forty square feet back by the garage, that is).

Yep, it's nearly here -- the annual Wisconsin spring ritual reaching back more than 1,000 years. Get ready to get dirty.

:: Posted in Curiosities on April 19, 2006

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