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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Wisconsin At War

Memorial Day began as a day to decorate the graves of all soldiers who had fought in American wars. In 2005 we traced here the origins of the holiday. This year we open the doors to original documents about Wisconsin's role in America's wars.

Perhaps the only unusual thing about today's Odd Wisconsin is the length of time that Wisconsin residents have been fighting for their country. Even if we omit tribal wars -- which usually started from the same emotions and strategic concerns that prompt modern ones -- Wisconsin has been sending soldiers to national conflicts for 250 years. In 1755 the person usually called our state's first white settler, Charles de Langlade, led Wisconsin fighters against the British, but 20 years later during the American Revolution he sided with them against the revolting colonists.

The links below display original historic sources about Wisconsin's roles in all of America's wars, from the Revolution through Vietnam. Be patient with the pictures; they may take a few seconds to load.

1776-1783: Articles about Revolutionary War soldiers who settled in Wisconsin.

1812-1815: Wisconsin in the War of 1812. Background, Articles, Museum Object and a Historic Site.

1827: The Winnebago War. Background, Articles, Roster, Pictures

1832: The Black Hawk War. Background, Articles, Rosters, Pictures, Museum Object

1848: Articles on Wisconsin in the Mexican American War

1861-1865: Wisconsin in the Civil War: Background, Articles, Pictures, Museum Object, Rosters, Battles

1885, 1895, 1905: Civil War Veterans Living in Wisconsin

1898: Wisconsin in the Spanish American War: Background, Articles

1917-1918: Wisconsin in World War One: Background, Articles, Pictures, Museum Object Wisconsin's Gold Star list

1941-1945: Wisconsin in World War Two: Background, Articles, Pictures, Museum Object

1950: Wisconsin in the Korean War: Background, Pictures

1965-1973: Wisconsin in the Vietnam War: Background, Articles, Pictures, Museum Object

Elsewhere on our site you can see descriptions of military records in our Library and Archives collections (not yet online, for the most part) and listings for books we publish on military history that you can purchase online or at your local bookseller.

:: Posted in Curiosities on May 24, 2006

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