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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Out to the Ball Park

The Brewers once scored 22 runs in a single game (in Toronto, on Aug. 28, 1992), and they came close to matching that record a few weeks ago by trouncing the Cubs 16-2.

But those are nothing compared to the 61-12 pummeling that the Beloit Olympians gave the Milwaukee Cream Citys back in '67 -- 1867, that is. Baseball was just getting popular then, and enthusiastic crowds greeted the two teams as they traded initial victories on each other's home turf. A playoff game was scheduled on Janesville's neutral field, and in the days leading up to it Milwaukee signed a veteran pitcher from Washington. But it was no use; the bats from Beloit whacked out an amazing 61 runs to defeat them anyway.

You can see the Cream City club tomorrow at Old World Wisconsin, when they take on our site's vintage team, the Eagle Diamonds. Both teams will be in historical uniforms and play by 19th-century rules.

To whet your apetite, check out these historic pictures of early baseball, read a couple other articles about early Wisconsin baseball, page through this early history of the first Oshkosh team, read about baseball up north in Indian Country in our Wisconsin Magazine of History, or learn about a 1922 uniform from our Museum collection.

Then head over to Old World tomorrow for a fine summer afternoon of America's favorite pastime, as it was originally played.

:: Posted in Curiosities on June 22, 2006

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