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Odd Vacation

As 2006 winds down, the staff who distract you from more important things with these little anecdotes are taking a few days to hibernate. After nearly three years of uninterrupted historical nonsense, it's time for reruns here at Odd Wisconsin. If you're one of the hundreds of people who enjoy reading it and don't want to go without your usual dose, here are a few of our favorite stories from Wisconsin history:

"I Struck Out Right and Left," Confesses Lawmaker

Mohawk Indian or French Prince?

Fishy Presidents in Goofy Hats

Horrible Monsters That Devoured Men and Canoes

The Cranberry Queen

Waited 106 Years to Vote

Family Values

Carpe ... hmm ...

Dangerous Radicals

Toads & Flu Season

Even-Handed Corruption of the 1850s

Black Fur Traders in 18th-c. Wisconsin

The Spy Who Died in the Dells

Mystic Vision of the Virgin near Green Bay

The Voyageur with the Hole in his Side

Paines in the Neck for Powers-That-Be

The Fiddle That Squealed

1918: Mob Rule Crushes Conscience

Shooting the Rapids Astride $9,000

Why We Speak English in Wisconsin

Aunt Mary Ann

Mary Hayes-Chynoweth, psychic healer

For more short accounts of topics in Wisconsin history, see our page leading to dozens of essays and biographies. Odd Wisconsin will be back next week with more curious anecdotes from the past.

:: Posted in on December 28, 2006

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