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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Throwing the Book at Odd Wisconsin

Next month the Society press will issue a printed anthology containing the best of these stories (and some new ones that never appeared here). The book was written by Erika Janik, who edits our members' newsletter, Columns, and contains 50 illustrations in addition to 200 pages of curious true tales.

"Wowsers, this book is a hoot and a half..." comments George Hesselberg, of the Wisconsin State Journal, after seeing an advance copy. You can see what other Wisconsin writers said about it (and also order copies for yourself and a friend -- it's only $16.95) at the WHS pages devoted to it.

By the way, Wisconsin's very first book was printed in Milwaukee in 1844. Increase Lapham's A Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin was written to help induce easterner to move to Wisconsin Territory. Lapham described every county in turn, as well as discussing the climate, landscape, economy and other topics that would have interested a new immigrant. You can see the entire book, which is a pretty sophisticated production for a printer with a hand-press out here on the frontier, at Turning Points in Wisconsin History. Lapham even included a few oddities, such as the Kenosha waterspout of Aug. 20, 1843.

:: Posted in Curiosities on June 27, 2007

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