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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Lam

This brief note dated June 2, 1904, from the New North, Rhinelander's newspaper, speaks for itself:

"During the warehouse fire last Friday, all classes took advantage of the fact that beer in kegs and bottles was within easy reach of all. The fierce wind fanned the blaze down from the warehouses to the Schlitz Beer Depot and the danger of the building's destruction caused those in charge of the depot to remove the amber beverage the building contained to the street, and here it was take care of most expeditiously by the thirsty mob surrounding the place. Pockets and stomachs were filled with dispatch, while the opportunity held good. The only lament offered by the Company's agents was that the bottles were taken away also."

Ah, human frailty. A summer night. A warehouse fire to watch. Free beer.

Who could resist?

See more Wisconsin beer curiosities on the "Brewing and Prohibition" page at Turning Points in Wisconsin History. You can also read more about Rhinelander in these historical newspaper articles, and see historical photos of the town here.

:: Posted in Curiosities on August 29, 2007

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