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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Where the Farm Went

Old Al McIntosh at one time owned one of the best farms in the town of West Point, in Columbia County, and became a wealthy man.

In his later years, though, he took to drinking and lost all his property. He became so poor that at the time of his death a nephew had to pay his burial expenses.

Not long before he died, old Al met Doctor Whitelaw on the street in Lodi. "Doc," he said, "I want you to have a look down my throat and tell me what you find."

The doctor examined his throat and said he couldn't find anything. Al replied, "Well you ought to. There's a damn good farm down there."

From 1936 to1938, the Wisconsin Folklore Project, a program of the W.P.A., sent fieldworkers around the state to collect stories like this one from elderly residents. Many of its publications have been added to Turning Points in Wisconsin History.

:: Posted in Curiosities on June 10, 2010

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