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Odd Wisconsin Archive

Cats, Cats, and More Cats

Media around the globe reported this week on a cat named Daniel who saved a Milwaukee area animal shelter. Daniel was born with 26 toes, and when the shelter needed funds to keep its door open this fall, its staff requested donations of $26. As reported in this video, more than $100,000 was donated in about six weeks. So Daniel rescued the shelter that rescued him.

He's the best-known cat in Wisconsin at the moment, and he's certainly odd. But he had some odd predecessors, too.

Dead Drunk Cat

Back in 1848, one cat was used by enlisted men at Fort Crawford to hoodwink their superior officers. Read John Fonda's recollection of how their ruse was unconvered.

The Cat that Escaped the Nazis.

Madison architect Herb DeLevie grew up in Stadtskanaal, Holland, during the 1930s. Their large household was home to a number of pets, including an enormous black cat that adopted them. When the Germans invaded in May 1940, they all went into hiding and left the cat behind. Listen to DeLevie explain what happened to it.

Terrible Sliver Cat of the Northwoods

A fierce mutant cat with an armed tail plagued Paul Bunyan's logging camp in the northwoods. Read Charles Brown's account of the ferocious beast.

And you won't want to miss more than 100 photos of historical cats at Wisconsin Historical Images.

:: Posted in Animals on December 15, 2011
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