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June 2004 Odd Wisconsin

Log-Rolling Then and Now

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that log-rolling will debut as a sport at this weekend's Badger State Games. As these crew-cut competitors show, people have been doing it just for fun for some time now. But log-rolling was once a matter of life or death. Discover more recollections of logging in Wisconsin among our collection of Local History & Biography...
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Posted in Bizarre Events on June 25, 2004

Indian Hospitality, 1673

Dateline: Upper Mississippi River, late June 1673. During this fourth week of June 331 years ago, Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet paddled downriver from Prairie du Chien for several days without encountering anyone. As the first Europeans to travel this stretch of the great river, they were eager to see where it led and to meet its inhabitants. Finally,...
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Posted in Curiosities on June 23, 2004

Milwaukee Summers Long Ago

Dateline: Milwaukee, June 21, 1854. Today being the summer solstice, we cast a glance at Milwaukee's summer pastimes long before Miller Park or Summerfest. Back when much of the city didn't speak English, many a hot afternoon by the lake was devoted to German music, beer and friendly conversation. Read recollections and see pictures of some of the long-forgotten beer...
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Posted in Curiosities on June 21, 2004

Floods in Wisconsin

Dateline: Chippewa Falls, Sept. 9, 1884. This week's flooding in our state is a reminder of high water in the past. In 1898 the Kickapoo River knocked this locomotive off its tracks near Soldiers Grove in Crawford County. On the night of Sept. 9, 1884, a massive thunderstorm and downpour wiped out bridges and swept away houses in Chippewa Falls....
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Posted in Curiosities on June 17, 2004

What's in a Name?

Dateline: June 15, 1673. On or about this date, Marquette and Joliet "left the waters flowing to Quebeq... to float on those that would thenceforward take us through strange lands." Having crossed the famous portage, Marquette noted that "The river on which we embarked is called Meskousing." Come again? We thought it was the "Wisconsin." But the name of our...
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Posted in Curiosities on June 14, 2004

Wisconsin's Daniel Boone

Dateline: Kentucky, June 7, 1769. Daniel Boone first entered Kentucky 235 years ago this week, opening the door to a wave of East Coast settlers and romantic myths about himself and the West. Wisconsin had many pioneers like him and one of them - - James Reed, of Trempeleau - - was profiled in the Galesville Republican in 1929. Reed...
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Posted in Odd Lives on June 7, 2004

Presidents, Popes & Miracles

Dateline: Okauchee, Wis., 1928. This weekend President Bush visited the Pope at the Vatican. 76 years ago a Wisconsin painter named Vladimir Shamberk spent two months in the presence of His Holiness, painting his portrait. The artist attributed this good fortune to the intervention of the Blessed Virgin, who rewarded him for rescuing her portrait from a neglected chapel outside...
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Posted in Odd Lives on June 4, 2004

Just Your 19th Nervous Breakdown

Dateline: June 4, 1896. On this day Henry Ford moved his first automobile out of the shed where it was built and took his first drive. Because the vehicle was larger than the door, he had to knock down a wall to get out and the tradition of annoying automotive problems was born. These Milwaukee newlyweds stranded on the way...
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Posted in Curiosities on June 2, 2004

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