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July 2004 Odd Wisconsin

Fishy Presidents in Goofy Hats

Dateline: Brule River, 1928. President Bush was in our state again this week, but he was working. Earlier chief executives came here for rest and relaxation, including Dwight D. Eisenhower; where did they get those wonderful hats, one wonders? Calvin Coolidge, known as “Silent Cal” tothe media, presumably did not scare any fish away with boisterous comments but he, also,...
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Posted in Odd Lives on July 16, 2004

Voltaire in the Wisconsin Wilderness

Dateline: July 12, 1804. On this date died Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father and eloquent advocate for the U.S. Constitution. His son, William Hamilton, was one of the founding fathers of the Wisconsin lead region. The younger Hamilton settled at Wiota in the summer of 1827, and was “a man of culture, active, and enterprising. Although he had lived for many...
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Posted in Odd Lives on July 12, 2004

The First Wisconsin 4th of July

Dateline: Madison, Wis., July 4, 1837. Only seven months after Madison had been named the capitol, it prepared to celebrate Independence Day with an influx of visitors from other parts of the territory - - but without hotels, restaurants, indoor plumbing, or any other conveniences. Read an excerpt from the memoir of Rosaline Peck to see how things turned out....
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Posted in Curiosities on July 1, 2004

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